LivingWELL – An NIH Funded Study for Ovarian Cancer Survivors with Dr. Bonnie McGregor

Cancer Survivorship Provider Network (CSPN) members will be joined on February 28, 2022 by guest speaker Dr. Bonnie McGregor, who will share findings from LivingWELL, an NIH funded study for ovarian cancer survivors. This member education meeting will be held from 12:30pm – 1:30pm PST.

Dr. Bonnie A. McGregor is the Founder and Executive Director of Orion Center for Integrative Medicine. She earned a BS in biology from Pacific Lutheran University and her PhD in Clinical Health Psychology from the University of Miami where she received the Danhour Award as the outstanding Clinical Health Psychology student. Returning to Washington state, Dr. McGregor completed her clinical internship at the Seattle Veterans Affairs Puget Sound Health Care Center and was invited for a post-doctoral fellowship at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, where she eventually became an Assistant Member. Dr. McGregor was promoted to Associate Member and remained in this position until 2016 when she left to start The Orion Center.

During her tenure at the Fred-Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, Dr. McGregor’s NIH-funded research focused on nervous, endocrine, and immune system interactions to illness; she also tested the effects of psychological interventions on cancer-relevant biological outcomes. From this research, Dr. McGregor has authored several papers on how psychological intervention can influence psychosocial and biological outcomes that are relevant to cancer survivors.

For her work bridging clinical psychology and biological research, Dr. McGregor was awarded the Distinguished Psychologist Award from the Washington State Psychological Association in 2013. In addition to her academic work, Dr. McGregor is a licensed clinical health psychologist who specializes in helping people cope with cancer and chronic illness, depression, anxiety and stress.  Her clinical work utilizes scientifically proven mindfulness practices and cognitive and behavioral techniques.